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Store Dash

iOS and Android apps that integrate with Square business.

Create loyal and happy customers by being on top of your orders as they happen.

Control pickup with order changed notifications, inform your customer when their food is ready.

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Store Dash Admin

Control your Appstore face with an overseer companion app. Update your store from a mobile tablet or phone; the changes are seen in your store immediately.

Watch in realtime as orders are requested and progress. Update users that their order is being started, completed, or ready for pickup.

All mobile orders are reported by the square transactions dashboard. No need to collect payment when you see the customer, the order has already been paid for.

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Mobile Menu

Curate your items on the store. Update your store at any moment, reflect changes in inventory toward the app and google play stores. Change the price to meet growing demand on the fly.

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Digital Payment

Customer orders are processed using a Square account. An eCommerce transaction through Square is charged 2.9% and $0.30. The app accepts Google and Apple Pay and major credit cards. Before tax-season Square creates a 1099 form from all transactions during the year.
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