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Swift iOS: JNBTopbar

If you're confused by my prefixes, I appologize, three letter prefixes are convention for third-party SDKs. My renaming locally has caused a few issues with podding and my repo. But hopefully we’ll get through this. If you're looking for a top or bottom bar controller, they're both Cocoapods. I think I'll add Carthage source too.

I am writing another controller that instead handles top bar content. Much like the JNBSnackbar this controller lets you customize an animated informational view. When you call; the controller creates a parent view to parameter specifications off screen. Then quickly drops into view.

There are a lot of examples but if you're looking to create a 3-D notification with JNBTopbar, it's easy with CALayer.shadowRadius. Show contains optional parameters shadow radius, and shadow color. At some point it will support a shadowPath too. But for now something like this is achievable with the call below.

Another way to get this done might be to add your own topAnchor to show. The controller also has screenInsets that separate the safeArea from the bar. In the example above I am 16 pixel from the top, then 8 pixels from the left and right.

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