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A camera with a hot spot for dogs. Identify over 100 different breeds with this smart camera.

Hold the camera at your dogs in any orientation, let Gozer do the identifying.

Currently top 12% independently developed dog identification model. 


This is a Mac app for converting an image icon to Mac and App Store sizes. There exists a convenience method for writing directly to .xcassets folders and seeing the change immediately from your Xcode project.

Tip Calculator will receive a bill amount and pop out suggested tip amounts. Quickly compute tips by entering your own portions.

Magnifier And Monocular

Turn your phone into a powerful visual tool. Examine and capture detailed photos. Drag to create a magnifying glass view, then tap the view to take a focused shot. All of the shots can be viewed in the magnified image album inside Photos.


Bart Departures

Get notified prior to the real-time departure of your Bart.


'We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done.' - Alan Turing 

I have worked as an iOS engineer for the past few years. I am now releasing my own apps.