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Swift iOS: Camera Output

Apps that can integrate smart camera solutions are often more useful than competitors. Airlines provide mobile software for flyers to...

Swift Cocoa: Package Management

When I began iOS development, there was only one package manager. But now developers have the option to choose between Cocoapods,...

Swift iOS: JNBTopbar

If you're confused by my prefixes, I appologize, three letter prefixes are convention for third-party SDKs. My renaming locally has...

Swift iOS: JBSnackBar

Many times I find myself working in a crowded project. And often enough on top of that, constrained by time. When I am facing storyboard...

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John N Blanchard

US adults spent an average of 3 hours, 35 minutes per day on mobile devices in 2018, an annual increase of more than 11 minutes. Developers are responsible for making that screen-time insatiable.

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